10/17/15 Chasm Lake with Kassidy

Great hike with Kassidy to Chasm Lake.chasm lake


10/10/15 Huron 14,003

Fantastic hike with Maria. Weather perfect. Went off trail on the descent.Huron

My fourteenth¬†14er, Maria’s 19th. Thirteen this year (including one repeat.).

My last hike with Maria as it turns out. ūüė¶

10/4/15 Blue Sky Trail Marathon

Another placeholder post until I have time to update the site (life is busy). Ran the Blue Sky Trail marathon. Great race, good experience, but my time was disappointing Рkind of fell apart in the last 10 miles. Combination of not enough of a base, poor pacing, and a (hopefully minor) knee injury. May refocus on hard half marathons (or similar distance) next year. Leadville Heavy Half again, Pikes Peak Ascent, Mt. Evans Ascent, etc.


This is mostly a placeholder post for now – more details later. I also need to update my August posts with pictures.

For a variety of reasons – life obligations, shorter days, Maria’s schedule – I haven’t been over 11,000 feet all month. Still Some great hikes and a lot of running. Some highlights:

9/6 Windy Peak (did not summit)

9/7 Baldy Peak

9/19 Bergen Peak (run)

9/19 Centennial Peak Trail

Training Update

I’ve modified my routine a bit to focus on my goal – the Blue Sky Trail marathon next Sunday. That has meant a little less elevation and a little more distance. My hiking has also fallen off for other reasons (see next post).

The training has gone well overall. Two 20 plus mile long runs – the first very successful, the second less so (hydration issues). About 120 miles running this month, despite tapering a bit the last two weeks. Still no major injuries, though the same minor aches (and one new one) persist. I’ve dialed back the intensity of my typical run, but when I do go all out, I’m still setting PRs. I’m still slow, even compared to my mid pack road running in my 30s, but for my age – on up hills especially – I’m putting in some decent times.¬†I was especially happy with my Bergen Peak run last weekend.¬†But¬†of course the increased endurance is the main change over the past few months.

I feel like I’m ready for the marathon – better prepared than for my long ago road marathon. My goal is under 6 hours – which sounds slow, but given the course would not be a bad time. Ideally I’d like to be even a bit faster. If I can maintain the pace of my faster 20 mile run for the full marathon I’d run the marathon in just under 5:15. That would be 35 minutes¬†slower that my previous marathon 20 years ago (which was a disappointing time itself), but, adjusted for the course, I’d be thrilled with that time.¬†Last year it would have been just 4 minutes short of an age group podium finish.¬†We’ll see.

Still hoping to do my first Ultra next year.