Training Update

I’ve modified my routine a bit to focus on my goal – the Blue Sky Trail marathon next Sunday. That has meant a little less elevation and a little more distance. My hiking has also fallen off for other reasons (see next post).

The training has gone well overall. Two 20 plus mile long runs – the first very successful, the second less so (hydration issues). About 120 miles running this month, despite tapering a bit the last two weeks. Still no major injuries, though the same minor aches (and one new one) persist. I’ve dialed back the intensity of my typical run, but when I do go all out, I’m still setting PRs. I’m still slow, even compared to my mid pack road running in my 30s, but for my age – on up hills especially – I’m putting in some decent times. I was especially happy with my Bergen Peak run last weekend. But of course the increased endurance is the main change over the past few months.

I feel like I’m ready for the marathon – better prepared than for my long ago road marathon. My goal is under 6 hours – which sounds slow, but given the course would not be a bad time. Ideally I’d like to be even a bit faster. If I can maintain the pace of my faster 20 mile run for the full marathon I’d run the marathon in just under 5:15. That would be 35 minutes slower that my previous marathon 20 years ago (which was a disappointing time itself), but, adjusted for the course, I’d be thrilled with that time. Last year it would have been just 4 minutes short of an age group podium finish. We’ll see.

Still hoping to do my first Ultra next year.


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