My mountaineering/running/fitness goals have changed a bit over the year. Not at the most basic level – I want to spend as much time in the high mountains as possible, climb mountains, and maximize my fitness. But I have a number of ever changing secondary goals. One of them is to gain 200,000 vertical from March through October. At this point I’m on track to easily exceed that goal, perhaps even hitting 250,000. (At 165 K now; I can hit 250 if I average 34 K per month through the end of October.)

Goals can have positive and negative consequences. They can be great motivators, and this goal has been that. But they can also have downsides. In this case, I think that perhaps my passion for vertical is interfering with my running. Specifically, I think I should be doing more miles and less vertical when running. Today, for example, I ran Flagstaff/Green. Eleven miles, almost 3000 vertical. It was a great run, but I think maybe I would have been better off longer with less elevation gain.


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